Benefits of Fitness

*must read->what is fitness?

1)Exercise helps to control your weight.
2)Strengthens your heart.
3)Regular exercise increases blood. flow and raises the level of oxygen in your body.
4)High cholesterol,lowers the risk of diseases such as coronary artery disease and heart attack.
5)Exercising regularly can lower your blood pressure.
6)diseases like diabetes can be decrease.
7)Heart disease can be reduced.
8)Exercise helps in quitting smoking.
9)improves your mental health and mood.
10)Exercising makes your face glow.
11)exercise can reduce depression and relieve stress.

12)Exercising strengthens your bones and muscles.
13)Regular exercise improves your lifestyle.
14)Exercises can cure cancers such as colon, breast, uterus and lung cancer.
15)Exercising regularly can reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction in men.
16)Exercising can increase sexual arousal.

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