importance of yoga in our daily life and its benefits.

Importance of Yoga and their benefits

->yoga  is an ancient form of exercise which is said To  have originated in India, thousands of year ago. it involves breathing techniques and meditation along with exercise which are beneficial for good health.
->practicing yoga regularly makes us strong. it keeps us physically fit ,reduces stress and maintains our overall health. it focus on self healing.
->yoga helps our body to calm down and relax. it also increase the concentration power. school children are encouraged to do yoga because it helps in concentrating on study study.
->yoga rejuvenates  the body by keeping bones, muscles, joints and organs healthy and flexible. it is used as a means to enlightenment. it helps to gain mastery over the body and is helpful in curing many disease and also some cancers.
->yoga is the best and easy way to stay healthy and maintain body balance.

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benefits of yoga
->Doing yoga increases immunity
->Skin glows, body becomes free from disease.
->Yoga is a boon for mankind in the form of physical and mental health.
->Exercise of a particular body part is done by gym, but by doing yoga, exercise is done for all parts of the body.
->Doing yoga daily is good exercise for the muscles.
->By doing yoga, body fat can be reduced, which can reduce obesity.
->Yoga removes stress and sleep well. Doing yoga can relieve mental stress.
->Lung diseases can be overcome by doing self related yoga.
->Yoga increases body muscles and flexibility.
->Yoga increases our concentration power.

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