what is muscular endurance and how to improve it?

Muscular endurance

->muscular endurance is the number of repetition of exercise without needing to stop And rest.
->muscular endurance is a component of fitness.Muscular endurance is the ability of our muscles to perform exercises for a long time without getting tired.
->To put muscular endurance in simple language, the more push ups you can repeat without getting tired, the better muscular endurance is said to be.
->As you plank for 30 seconds in the beginning then your muscular strength will increase as much as you can hold your body for one minute, one and a half minutes more than the regular plank

how to improve muscular strength?

->To increase muscular endurance, you need to increase the repetition of any of your exercises.
->Do 10 push ups initially to increase muscular endurance, do 15 push ups after a few days, this way you can increase the strength of your muscular endurance

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benefits of muscular endurance
->increases the size of the muscles
->Any exercise can be done for a long time as the muscles become stronger
->better utilization of glycogen
->greater fat oxidation
->less lactate production
->reduce anxiety, depression, stress
->release happy hormones so that you can will feel good

exercise for muscular endurance
-> push ups
-> pull ups
-> Squats
-> dips
-> sit-ups
-> planks
-> lunges

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