The importance of diet for an athletes.

 Diet for an athletes.

->Friends,Fitness is very important for every athlete to move forward in his / her field of sports. Healthy diet also plays a very important role.

->Friends,even the world's biggest athletes like Virat Kohli, Ronaldo, Messi pay a lot of attention to diet in addition to their physical fitness. That is why they have gained so much fame in the field of sports today.

->if you want to be a long race horse in the field of sports, you have to be very careful not only about physical fitness but also mental fitness and diet.

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->Diet along with physical fitness keeps our body active and has a positive effect on the brain. It is very important for athletes to keep their body active and the brain positive at all times.

->Just as physical fitness has a positive effect on mental fitness, so does a healthy diet have an effect on physical fitness.

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