what is fitness?

Just as the five fingers of our hand have different shapes and sizes, so does the definition of fitness for all men.
First of all we have to understand that the definition of fitness is not the same for all people just like the definition of fitness for an athlete is different, the definition of fitness for a housewife or a man doing a job is different.

common definition for all

It is very important for our body to be healthy in order to do the work we do in our daily life more effectively.

types of fitness
1>physical fitness
2>mental fitness

how important physical fitness in today's time?

physical fitness is very essential,more importantly, in today's time, as our food intake has slowly started becoming impure. we are not getting quality food which we should be getting. take the air which we breathe, pollution is increase so much now, that people are facing so many health problem related to breathing. in the same way, food has not become a means of life, but people are living to eat, it has become like this. I would say, eat food, but only that much which is enough. Adequate for you. but this is not happening. so, you would see, that in world, obesity is increasing too much. so, if your physical help is not okay then it will have n effect over you mind also. so do not ignore this.

how important mental fitness in today's time?

"Physical health as well as mental health is very important."
when we say mental health we usually e think of feelings and emotion like tension, happiness and grief.or more serious mental illness such as depression or bipolar disorder our lives are full of ups and downs and we deal with new challenges everyday. problems we face when people make fun of us criticize us for how we look, walk or behave.we have to cope with unexpected situation such as loss of friend or a loved one moving on from a difficult breakup or being stuck in an abusive relationship.or fear or academic failure and the mounting pressure of responsibilities as we grow up and mature. good mental health enables us to face these kind of problems in our lives and helps us to live life to the fullest. poor mental health is the biggest cause of ill health in India today.the first step to get help is to talk openly with someone to patiently listen with sensitivity and have a conversation if friends or family need help often,we are embarrassed to express our feelings but we must acknowledge that our mental health is extremely important.

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